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This episode is all about vine growing and vineyard choices. Firstly we will look at the annual growth cycle of a vine so you can fully understand what happens each year, and at every stage. I will be breaking down the different categories of climates out there and then looking deeper into the meso-climates of each site. Then we will get really geeky looking into soils, and talking about textures, nutrients and minerals.

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3.22: The annual growth cycle – looking at each stage in the year and the hazards and issues vines can come across

13.14: Looking at the difference between continental, maritime and Mediterranean climates. What qualifies as cool climate, moderate and warm, and the effects of being far from the equator. Effects of:

- altitude


-slope aspect

-bodies of water

22.19: Looking at different soil textures and types and the nutrients that a vine needs.

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