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This is Part 2 with Alistair Morrell and we are continuing our chat on why Cider is Wine, and why this is a drinks category that you need to try.

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1.58: Are there better apples to use than others?

5.00: Talking about using grapes in cider production and tasting Berryland 2020 Cabernet Franc Apple cider Brut 75cl £13*

10.50: What is Melomel?

12.45: Do mature trees make a difference?

15.01: Talking about the biggest producers of cider around the world and tasting Llanblethian Orchards La Petite Grange du Cidre 2020 75cl £9.99*

17.24: The Cider Museum in UK and the story of Bulmers

22.34: Using wild yeasts in Cider making

23.54: Talking about the history of Ice Cider and tasting the Brännland Ice Cider 2019 37.5cl £20*

31.05: Subscription boxes at

31.37: The different styles of cider

33.57: Eden Ciders in Vermont

35.59: The silver seal of authenticity

36.55: The wineries that have a special place in Alistairs heart

40.31: Recommended book: Neuroenology by Gordon Sheperd

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