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This is a slightly different type of episode where I am talking with Alistair Morrell from Cider is Wine, where he is going to convince us of just that. So much of the bad reputation is the fact that many ciders you have tried are made from fruit concentrate. Well Alistair, who has spent his whole career making wine, selling wine, working with wine, is going to explain why he has now got so excited for ciders, perrys and fruit wines. Get ready to see how the cider processes compare to wine... spoiler alert: they are very similar!

If you want to skip ahead:

2.38: Chat with Alistair

4.00: The definition of wine

6.48: Why cider has got such a bad name for itself

8.33: Discussing production methods and tasting Able Methode Cider 2017 50cl £16*, and do vintages matter?

11.18: Tannin in cider

12.06: Ageing cider

17.19: Why cider is so good with food

19.05: Special cider and food pairing dinner at Michelin Star restaurant Cowarth Park

26.50: Discussing and tasting Guzman Riestra Cidra Brut Nature 75cl £10.99* and fermenting down to dryness

31.59: IWSC now adding in a cider and perry category for blind tasting and awards

34.31 Talking about Perry and tasting the Templar's Choice Perry 75cl £8.50*

35.18: What is the process Keeving?

* All ciders and perrys available form

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