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The is such a great episode. I have Christo Le Riche, winemaker of Le Riche winery joining me and he has so much to say about Cabernet Sauvignon and how he goes about making the best and age worthy versions. He has worked in Bordeaux, Napa Valley and of course Stellenbosch (where Le Riche is based) and so in this episode he talks about the differences of Cabernet across these 3 regions. There is also loads of name dropping of wonderful winemakers as he discusses the Vinters Surf Classic, so brace yourself, as there is so much in this episode.

If you want to skip ahead:

2.06 How do identify Cabernet Sauvignon in a blind tasting

3.08 Chat with Christo

3.55 The story of Christo’s father and working at Rustenberg

7.09 Growing up on the farm at Rustenberg

9.01 The Vintners Surf Classic

12.25 Deciding to be a winemaker

13.56 Christo’s incredible work experience in South Africa and then abroad

19.30 The differences of Cabernet Sauvignon across Bordeaux, Napa and Stellenbosch.

23.59 What makes Cabernet Sauvignon special

26.03 Lessons learnt when working with Cabernet Sauvignon

28.24 Tasting Le Riche Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon 2018 £38.75

33.12 The use of oak in Christo’s wines and in Cabernet in general

36.15 Le Riche winery

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