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This is part two with wine writer Jess Lamb, and as she love fizz, we are talking all about Tasmanian Sparkling wine. We are tasting 3 wines from The House of Arras who are a winery that you need to know about and try.

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0.32: Tasmanian wine facts and statistics

2.13: Chat with Jess

3.05: Context of Sparkling wine in Australia

5.49: Why Tasmania is perfect for sparkling wine and the history of the first sparkling wine there

8.52: Outside investment to develop new world sparkling wine regions

11.20: House of Arras

13.43: The importance of lees ageing with sparkling wine

14.34: Tasting the `A` By Arras Premium Cuvée NV, £19.95 Wine Republic

18.00: Food pairings

22.38: Tasting the House of Arras Blanc de Blanc MV £22.95 Wine Republic

25.10: Food pairings with Blanc de Blanc

26.43: The award winning winemaker at House of Arras, Ed Carr

30.36: Tasting the House of Arras Brut Elite Cuvée NV £19.99 Mix Six Majestic

34.02: Food pairing with last wine

36.23: The weather conditions in Tasmania, the topography and the main region

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