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This episode I am chatting with the very lovely Jess Lamb. She is a wine writer who has just completed her WSET diploma, so we are talking about two things, her writing and one of the last wine exams on sparkling wine. If you are wanting to hear about getting into the wine industry through writing, or listen to Jess giving some tips for how to put pen to paper and her perspective on the power of words, this episode will appeal to you. 24 minutes in we get onto the Sparkling wine exams, and we discuss the different styles you can find, and how to differenciate between them all. There is also a big focus on Moscato d’asti and Braccheto d’Acqui at the end. Grab a bottle of fizz and enjoy!

If you want to skip ahead:

2.48: Chat with Jess

4.14: Story of Jess’ transition into wine from agriculture in New Zealand (and NZ influence on the wine industry)

7.55: Starting the write in the wine industry

9.37: Working at Chelsea Vintners

14.48: Where to find Jess Lambs writing

16.31: Why words and writing has power

17.44: Tips for writing and getting thoughts onto paper

21.35: Taking the WSET Diploma

24.13: The Sparkling wine exam and advice

26.35: The different styles of sparkling wines

28:21 Sparkling Shiraz V Lambrusco

29.54: List of all previous episodes on Sparkling wines to go back to

31.00: The great value traditional method sparkling wines

34.33: Asti wine and production

38.15: Perception of sweetness in sparkling wine

39.54: Moscato d’asti to try and a deeper look

42.21: Brachetto d’Acqui

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