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Today is part 2 with Polish Head Sommelier Adam Michocki. In part 1 (last week) we speak about his journey as a Sommelier, wining wine competitions and importing Polish wine through his new wine venture Central Wines. Today we focus on red wine, and then talk about the other styles of wine coming out of Poland. He runs through some suggestions from his website of wines you need to try.

If you want to skip ahead:

2.48: Chat with Adam 

3.04: The red grape varieties planted in Poland

4.57: Piwi varieties

5.31: L'opera winery

6.41: Looking at the Cabernet crossings in Poland and the hybrids

8.31: Tasting L'Opera Triada 2019 £27.50 Central Wines

10.22: Food pairing for this wine, including polish speciality

12.00: Pinot Noir

14.51: Making wine in Poland - the new wineries

16.50: Sweet wine in Poland

18.16: Sparkling wine in Poland

19.50: Orange wine in Poland

21.55: The biggest hurdles, problems for Polish wine market

25.40: Polish wine in the Michelin Star Restaurants in UK

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