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Today I am chatting with Polish Head Sommelier Adam Michocki who currently works at Michelin star restaurant Shaun Rankin at Grantley Hall, but has also worked at The Glasshouse and The man behind the curtain. He has set up Central Wines where he is importing into the UK, Polish Wines, and today we look at the white varieties, the wine regions, and the climate, along with some food pairings and the tasting of a very delicious white wine.

If you want to skip ahead:

3.11: Chat with Adam

4.24: How Adam got into wine coming from a country that didn't drink wine, and his wine studies and experience

7.19: Taking part and winning the Best Polish Young Sommelier competition

11.00: What makes a good or bad Sommelier?

12.32: How it was to set up Central Wines and import polish wine

14.21: Talking about the Silesian winery and tasting their Cuvee 2019 £18.90 Central Wines

18.04: The white grape varieties of Poland

23.55: Food pairings

28.46: The different wine regions of Poland

31.01: Recommended wineries close to Krakow

33.00: Recommeded wineries close to Wrocław

33.40: The temperature and climate in Poland

34.59: Warren Winiarski - a winemaker with Polish heritage to know about

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