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Today's episode is Part 2 with Celebrity Chef Andrea Zagatti and we are talking all about his home region of Emilia-Romagna and the delicious Lambruscos that come our of their. We are also touching on his Mr Z sandwiches. Yes you can buy one of his sandwiches for £250. And he has created the most expensise easter egg in the world. We will be talking about all of these creations and then choosing some wines as the perfect pairing.

If you want to skip ahead:

1.23: Emilia-Romagna - the region

2.53: lambrusco styles and production methods

5.18: Winery of the week: Camillo Donati

- Talking about biodynamic farming and the ancestral method (natural sparkling wine)

9.46: Tasting the Camillo Donati Lambrusco 2019 £17.40 Joseph Barnes £18.50 Natty Boy Wines

11.42: Chat with Andrea Zagatti

- Talking about his Mr Z Sandwiches

13.57: The £250 Billionaire Sandwich and wine pairing

18.42: The £50 Millionaire Sandwich and wine pairing

21.00: The Tzar Egg (worlds most expensive easter egg) and wine pairing

25.33: The foods in Emilia Romagna

28.25: Lambrusco - it's flavours, grape varieties and regions

34.37: Sabrage and tips on how to do it

39.00: Great value Champagne recommendation for about £30 a bottle

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