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Today's episode is Part 1 with Celebrity Chef Andrea Zagatti and we are bringing you a little luxury. He has cooked for the likes of Kanye West, Royal Families and the Chelsea Football Club. He has access to some of the finest wines in the world and has had experiences that have taken him all over. In this episode he talks of how he ditched the 24/7 working lifestyle stuck in a kitchen, and how he set up his own business, and then we discuss just a few of the wine events he has been privy to. What it's like to taste cult wines, many of us can only dream of, and what it's like to organise and cook for high-end wine events and dinners.

If you want to skip ahead:

1.45: The top 5 Worlds Best Restaurants

3.00: Natural wines - what they are and the current certification

5.11: Natural wines on the list at Noma Restaurant

6.21: Chat with Andrea

6.51: Andrea's story, and how it all started with a cheesecake, including stories of Mugaritz, Osterua Francescana and Gordon Ramsey Hospital Road

20.42: A day in the life of a celebrity chef

22.22: A Liber Pater party - what it's like to cook for the release of the most expensive wine IN THE WORLD

28.19: Organising the Golden Vines Awards - a wine industry first, focused on encouraging diversity.

32.47: Dom Perignon P2

34.31: Egon Müller

34.59: DRC

35.55: Château d'Yquem

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