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Today I am talking Bolivian wine with MS Candidate and Entrepreneur Aubrey Terrazas, co-founder of Palate Club and founder of Terra Vine Marketing Firm.

Bolivia is South America's sixth-largest wine producer, and as Aubrey has personal connections and has visited the main wine region Tarija, she tells us her thoughts on this rather interesting wine-producing country.

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1.47: The wine regions of Bolivia, its geography and the main wine grapes

5.37: Tannat

6.49: Marselan 

9.37: Winery of the week Bodega y Viñedos Kuhlmann

12.10: Tasting The Santa Patrono Altiplano Tannat-Marselan 2020 £15.99 Laithewaites

5.09: Chat with Aubrey - her experiences in Bolivia, driving in the country, the effects of the UV lights and altitude to the grapes, Chuflay, Singani, and much more.

32.30: Winery Jardín Oculto and it's 3 ancestral grapes

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