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I am talking with Aubrey Terrazas in this episode. She is a girl after my own heart with an incredible CV having worked at Michelin star restaurants as a sommelier, co-founded Palate Club and then founded Terra Vine Marketing Firm amongst many other things. Due to her experience working with Data Science within Palate Club, we are discussing how that works and how it can help the buyer choose better wines. We will of course be touching on lots of different wines that you can try, and as Aubrey is such an entrepreneur, she will also be offering out some business ideas and thoughts to hopefully inspire you, should you be working from home, or be planning to go it alone.

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2.06: Examples of how AI and date science can benefit the wine industry from the vineyards to picking wines for your taste

5.09: Chat with Aubrey

6.10: Aubrey discusses setting up a new business in a different country, during Covid times.

9.37: Working more digitally in your business

10.35: Tips on how to produce more valuable content for people online

13.05: How to have a system for success if working from home

14.47: What is Palate Club

17.52: The complications of selling wine across different US states

18.53: Using Data Science in Palate Club and how Sommeliers have used their understanding of wine traits, aromas and flavours to help customers find their perfect wines

24.55: Some wine suggestions based on if you enjoy Bordeaux of Rhone Reds

29.11: Xinomavro and Assyrtiko - Greek varieties that you need to try, 

32.40: Aubrey's new podcast: Think & Drink

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