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This episode is Part 2 with Master of Wine Siobhan Turner. As Siobhan is Canadian we are talking about a special wine region called Okanagan Valley and her research paper that was entitled: Okanagan: a potential signature red variety? Learn more about the Cabernet Franc variety and if Siobhan's research concluded Cab Franc to be the one or not.

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0.07 Cabernet Franc's aroma and flavour profile

3.45 The wine regions of Canada

5.08 The Okanagan Valley - geology, climate etc

10.12 The recent history and changes in quality in Okanagan

13.03 Tasting Mission Hill Vistas Edge Cabernet Franc 2019 £50 Kenricks Wines

18.13 Clones and Rootstocks of Cabernet Franc in the Okanagan

22.29 Winemaking knowlege from outside Canada coming to the Okanagan

25.04 Looking at Siobhan's research paper on Cabernet Franc and her discoveries

29.59 The different styles of Cabernet Franc in the Okanagan

32.58 Mission Hill Estate Winery

34.51 Perfect pairing for the Cabernet Franc we were drinking

35.57 Cabernet Franc Day

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