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This episode I am talking with the first and only Master of Wine from India: Sonal Holland MW for Part 2.  This episode is very much about getting to know about the wine being made in India; the styles, the grapes and the main wine regions.

If you want to skip ahead:

2.25 Most Popular white grape varieties

2.55 The story of Chenin Blanc in India

3.45 The Best reds growing in India

4.02 The wine capital Nashik

5.12 Other wine regions and fruit growing

6.10 Travelling to Nashik

7.16 Vallonné Vineyards

9.23 Tasting the Vallonné Anokhee Chenin Blanc 2018 (£26 Wine Monkey) and talking about Chenin Blanc in India

12.44 Pairing food with Chenin Blanc

13.45 Temperature and topography of Nashik

14.51 Harvesting the vineyards

18.06 The styles of red wine in India

19.37 Tasting the Charosa Reserve Tempranillo 2016 (£30 Wine Monkey) and talking about Tempranillo

21.39 Alcohol levels in Indian wine

23.26 Screw caps V Cork

25.46 Food Pairings for Tempranillo

26.53 Other red varieties

28.01 Percentage of imported wine V domestic wine

28.21 The future of Indian wine

If you want to follow Sonal Holland you can find her on Instagram or on Youtube.

Special thanks to Wines in India who not only sent us the wines we tried, but are the ones who are importing some of the delicious wines of India into the UK.

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