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This episode I am talking with the first and only Master of Wine from India: Sonal Holland MW. We are talking very much about her journey on the Master of Wine programme and how she managed to do all this from India as her base. If you are looking for inspiration to follow a new path or to studying the MW yourself, this could be the inspiration you need. We are also looking at the rapidly changing wine scene and culture in India. This is Part 1 with Sonal. Next week Part 2 we will dive into the wines of India. 

If you want to skip ahead:

0.34 Facts on the current and past Master of Wines

1.27 Some figures and numbers on Indian rapid wine growth and development

2.36 Chat with Sonal and she discusses her upbringing in india with wine

5.30 Who inspired Sonal Holland in the world of wine, and then her inspiring story of how she became a MW

12.47 The Challenges and lack of access to wine in India and what is required of you as a Master of Wine Student

14.00 What is the MW Programme

19.43 Sonal Holland Wine TV on You Tube

22.00 The high taxes on wine in India

22.47 Where to buy wine in India

24.08 The Wine capital of India: Nashik

24.30 India as a growing market, and womens involvement now and how this were for women in the past

27.56 Gen Z and the youths of India

28.45 Fortified indian wine and the changes, palate preferences and changes in society tiers

32.03 The grape varieties growing in India

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