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This episode is all about the wines of Campania. I was sent some samples from a relatively small winery called Donna Elvira, established in 2010 and they really inspired the episode, and I decided to bring these wines to you whilst also covering all the main grape varieties of this region that you should know about.

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4.16 Winery Donna Elvira

6.51 Soils of Campania

7.31 History of Campania

8.19 Cult wines and the 4 x DOCGs

9.49 Climate of Campania

10.46 Falanghina grape variety

11.55 Tasting Donna Elvira Fringilla Falanghina 2019 £15 Campania wines

13.45 Fiano grape variety and Fiano di Avellino

14.53 Tasting Donna Elvira Fink Fiano di Avellino 2019 £18 Campania wines

16.32 Greco grape variety and Greco di Tufo

17.30 Tasting Donna Elvira Aegidius Greco di Tufo 2019 £18 Campania wines

19.16 Tasting Donna Elvira Kaysara Rosato 2019 £15 Campania wines 

21.20 Aglianico grape variety and Taurasi

23.59 Tasting Donna Elvira Settemazza Aglianico 2018 £18 Campania wines

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