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This episode is the second episode with John Jackson, aka Attorney Somm (on youtube and Instagram), and we are looking at the Bordeaux region in general. John will certainly give you a load of Chateaus to go out and try, and you will learn a little bit more of the sub-regions within Bordeaux and what they can offer. If you have ever wondered about the many classifications systems, I will also go over them. NOTE: I was really proud of myself, thinking I had covered them all, and then after recording, realized I didn’t cover the Graves classification system of 1953. Oh well, that’s for another episode!

Don't forget there is a competition running, to with a virtual wine tasting, hosted by me (open to listens all over the world). More details at the bottom.*

If you want to skip ahead:

0.31 Introduction to the Bordeaux region

3.56: Cru Bourgeois and it’s classification system

8.08: My winey of the week Chateau de Villegeorge 

10.23: Tasting L'Étoile De Villegeorge 2018 £14.99 mix 4 Wine App 

12.45: Chat with John – we discuss great value wines, the difference between regions like Pauillac and Margaux, some of the best vintages.

29.46: Understanding the Saint-Émilion classification system and the current shock news in the industry.

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*Competition closes on August 30th 2021. It is open to participants all over the world.  The virtual tasting will include 6 wines. These wines will be chosen based on the winner's chosen theme, what they want to learn and what wines are available in their country. The winner will be chosen on August 31st and contacted. To win, leave a review and some stars on Apple Podcasts, take a screenshot, and send this screenshot to or on Instagram @eatsleep_winerepeat

You can always contact me in advance if you have any other questions. Good luck.

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