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In this episode I am joined by Ollie Horton who left his life in the UK to go surfing in Lanzarote and then fell in love with the wines there. He now runs Wine Tours Lanzarote and also has the online wine shop which sells the best Lanzarote wines to the UK and Ireland.

Learn all about the 5 native grapes of this island, and the different styles that are produced. We'll talk about the volcanic soils and the history of the island, alongside how they grow the vines and take care of them: It's very different from anything they do in other vineyards around the world. You will learn about the main wine region and why it has the majority of the vineyards and hear all about the low yields and different vintages on the island.

The wines we taste:

Bodegas Los Bermejos, Bermejo Malvasía Volcanica Seco 2019 £18.99 (Wine Shop Lanzarote)

Bodegas Los Bermejos, Bermejo Listán Negro 2018 £19.99 (Wine Shop Lanzarote)

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