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This episode I am joined by the energetic and talented TV presenter and drinks writer Aidy Smith. You will find out why Californian wine has a special place in his heart, and I could have titled this episode "Every region, but Napa!" But we do tend to focus mostly on the slightly lesser known Central Coast. Plus Aidy does a great job mentioning many great value wines sub £15.

We also touch on his work bringing the world: "life hacks for a calmer 2021", and his push for diversity, inclusivity and general happiness for the industry.

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Or go to Aidy's official site HERE

Lastly if you would like to support Aidy, the petition he mentioned to increase funding to provide support and research into Tourettes Syndrome is HERE

If you want to skip ahead:

1.14: My winery of the Week: Brewer-Clifton

4.48: Tasting of the Brewer-Clifton Sta. Rita Hills Pinot Noir 2015 £58.65 (The Wine Treasury)

7.07: More about the AVA Sta. Rita Hills

8.58: Chat with Aidy Smith

11.01: How Aidy fell in love with wine

15.06: The Three Drinkers TV Series, how it started and some stories

20.37: Learn more about Life Hacks for a Calmer 2021

23.06: Supporting Diversity and Inclusivity in the drinks industry and understanding Tourette's syndrome more (Aidy's "superpower")

30.22: Californian wine - great value wines and our favourite wine regions

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