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This episode I am talking with Jenni Middlehurst who is studying winemaking at Plumpton College in England. For this reason, we are both drinking English wines, and we talk about winemaking projects, decisions you need to make as a winemaker, increasing your senses to be able to smell and taste better, and innovation in the wine industry.

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2.06: Talking about Fermentation and the many different options a winemaker can make during this process.

9.18: Chat with Jenni

9.49: Talking about the Simpsons Winery and wines

11.42: Jenni tasting The Black book "Controversy" Pinot Meunier Rose 2019 (£18)

and Talking about Black Book winery

14.31: What it's like to study winemaking and what do you learn

45.43: Janina tasting The Simpson Estate Chardonnay 2019 (£14.99)

51.32: The odd accidents working in a winery 

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