Ep 43 Bulgarian Wines

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In this episode I wanted to share with you my experience of Bulgarian wines. I attended a Virtual Zoom tasting hosted by Bulgarian Sommelier Zareh Mesrobyan (Winner of 2018 Gaggenau Sommelier Competition) and was inspired by the quality, the prices, and the interesting indigenous varieties this country has to offer. So this episode you will learn about the history and its geography along with the 4 wines that I got to taste.

If you want to skip ahead:

2.08: The history of Bulgarian wine and it's two wine regions

6.12: Tasting of Georgiev/Milkov Funky Mavrud Pet Nat (£14.95)  and conversation of the grapes Mavrud and Rubin.

9.08: More about the producers Georgiev/Milkov of the Mavrud, and a little more detail of the Thracian Valley PGI

11.01: The grape variety Kaylashki Misket

12.21: Tasting of the Haralambievi family vineyards and winery H's series Kaylashki Misket £12.60

14.04: More about the  producer Haralambievi family vineyards and winery and a little more detail of the Danube Plain PGI

16.14: The grape variety Keratsuda and the Struma River Valley.

18.08: Tasting of Libera Esate Orange Keratsuda £12.95

19.49: More about the producers Libera Estate and about the grape variety Broad Leafed Melnik.

21.27: Tasting of the Damyanov VNYD Broad Leafed Melnik £12.75

22.32: More about the producers Damyanov family winery and vineyards

23.18: The grape variety Rubin.

24:06: Bulgarias climate and terroir.

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