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In this episode, I am joined by Oliver Lea, one of the founders of luxury premium Bag in Box start-up BIB Wine Co. You will learn why Bag in Box is the most sustainable wine option out there, all about their range and what type of wines you will find. What it is like working with a Master of Wine and how they approach tastings and advice that Oliver has gained from him. We talk about the differences of the Malbec grape grown in France V Argentina. How changing picking dates for the same grape variety can really change the flavours. Decanting young wines and loads more.

If you want to jump ahead:

0.31s: My new year wine from The Ferrari Winery - Talking about Giulio Ferrari Reserva del Fondatore: Italy's "Dom Perignon" and the Trento DOC.

3.58s: Bulk wine, shipping and logistics. Learn how much of the wine is shipped around the world.

5.24s: Learn about Scandanavia's responsibility in moving forward the perception of Bag in Box.

6.17s: Chat with Founder of BIB Wine Co - Oliver Lea.

6.57s: How did BIB Wine Co start.

9.29s: Justin Howard Sneyd MW and his winery Domaine of the Bee, and his wines in the BIB Wine co range.

13.55s: The type of wineries in the BIB Wine Co portfolio.

15.29s: Talking about Château Couronneau winery from Bordeaux, France.

19.49s: Why Merlot has got bad street cred.

20.54s: Talking about Château Ponzac winery from Cahors, France.

23.50s: Malbec V Côt.

24.33s: What is Bag in Box?

29.03s: Challenges when setting up BIB Wine Co.

32.30s: Tasting and choosing wines at wine fairs and Master of Wine skills.

34.39s: What has Oliver learnt from working with Justin Howard Sneyd MW?

36.24s: The Bacchus in the range from Three Choirs winery, Gloucestershire, England, and discussion on picking grapes at different times and their affect.

41.09s: The future for Bag in Box.

43.42s: Decanting these premium Bag in Box wines.

45.07s: Where to buy these wines and the tasting pouches kit.

48.12s: The weight of glass bottles V Bag in Box.

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