This episode was really fun for me as I am chatting with MY WINEMAKER Alejandro Galaz and we are talking about one of the most extreme winemaking projects in the world. Wine from THE ATACAMA DESERT. You will learn about what makes Chile special as a winemaking country and I will also be giving some suggestions for Christmas gifts for a loved one, or just for you! :)

If you want to skip ahead:

0.30s - Learn about Chile as a winemaking country and what makes it unique.

5.43s -Ventisquero Wine Estates: Learn about the winery that makes the crazy Tara wines

9.06s - Chat with Alejandro Galaz

12.40s - Alejandro's opinion: Hardest grape variety to work with

15.27s - Alejandro talking about the different winemaking processes and harvest time

17.39s - The importance of pumping over, day to day

19.15s - Quick conversation on Carménère

22.09s - Alejandro explaining a day in the life of a winemaker

26.41s - The earthquake of Chile in 2010 and its affect on the wineries

29.02s - Alejandros fun disaster story in the winery

30.48s - Discussing The Atacama Desert and the Tara Chardonnay

45.44s - Christmas wine gift ideas

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Have an awesome week, and cheers to you!


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