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This is one of my Q&A episode where I am answering some of your questions. @karl_gin_son_wine asked about some wine book recommendations and @lunarmail wanted to know my thoughts on the future of English Wine.

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2m57: My Winery of the Week: Hush Heath Estates

6m02: Tasting of their wine - The Red Miller 2018 by Owen Elias

8m23: Wine book Recommendations

15m49: The Future of English wine - Looking at the facts and figures: How many hectares we have planted, how many wineries we have, the percentage of still wines to sparkling wines. Our main grape varieties, and labeling terms for sparkling wines. Also, you will learn a little of wineGB's latest news, rules, and schemes to understand your bottle of English wine better. To finish off I touch on a few of the more unusual varieties or styles to show you the diversity of wines coming out of this little island.

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