Ep 30 Natural Wines

This is another of my Q&A episodes. Thank you to Akhila Patel and Liam Sallow for your questions. If you have a wine question, just email me on janina@eatsleepwinerepeat.co.uk and it may get featured in one of these episodes :)

This week's episode is all about Natural wine (Natty wine, if you want to feel inside the movement). 

If you want to skip ahead, see below:


1m15 - My winery of the week: Marcel Lapierre 

(Mentioned: Jules Chauvet, Climats, Lieu-dit, Côte du Py)

5m48 - Focus on Beaujolais: The history of the modern birthplace of Natural wine, Beaujolais nouveau, and the Gang of 4/5

(Mentioned: Marcel Lapierre, Jean Foillard, Jean-Paul Thévenet, Guy Breton, Joseph Chamonard)

10m36 - What is natural wine? How is it made?

20m00 - Different types of natural wine

23m52 - Focus on Georgia and their qvevri: The spiritual home of natural wine. 

(Mentioned: Pheasants Tears winery, Grape varieties: Saperavi, Rkatsiteli)

26m21 - Flavours of natural wine

29m39 - Natural wine fairs and wine books

30m33 - Does natural wine age?

(Mentioned: GlouGlou, Vins de soif, Wineries: Radikon, La Stoppa, Domaine Prieuré Roch)


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Have a great week, and cheers to you!

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