This episode is all about the beautiful wines from Provence, specifically Rosé. We have a great guest Lauren Holman who is the Export Manager and Brand Ambassador for Château Léoube. She will take us on a very romantic journey of visiting Provence and if you haven't already fallen in love with this wine region and the wines they make, you will after this.


If you want to jump ahead:


1m22s – History and location of Provence

3m10s – Chat with Lauren Holman from Château Léoube:

7m18s – Get to know the property of Château Léoube

14m55s – Tasting of the Flagship Rosé Château Léoube : Rosé de Léoube 2019

18m24s – Mention of the Sparkling de Léoube and a great food pairing

19m02s – How Provence Rosé is made and the ‘onion skin’

22m10s – Why Provence Rosé is so popular?

24m26s – Looking at the different dates to harvest based on the different appellations of Provence

28m10s – Winemaker Romain Ott

30m40s – Tasting of the Rosé Love by Léoube 2019

32m53s – Talking about the red and white wines of Château Léoube

37m51s – Sustainability and plans for the future at Château Léoube to finish chat with Lauren.

41m32s – Grape varieties of Provence

44m44s – Introduction into the wine regions of Provence

46m58s – The most expensive Rosés in the world


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Hope you drink something tasty this week. Let me know about it. Cheers to you!

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