This episode is breaking down what Organic wines are compared to Biodynamic wines alongside what a Sustainable wine encompasses. I am talking with the fantastic Mike Turner, founder of online wine shop Feel Good Grapes where the whole ethos is to be as eco as possible. I will also be breaking down some of the production methods for some lesser know sparkling wines: Moscato d'asti and Petillant Natural. Grab a glass, and enjoy!

If you want to skip ahead to any parts:

1m11: Winery of the Week - Ancre Hill Estates with The Triomphe Pet Net Tasting

6m21: A breakdown of Organic and Biodynamic wines

11m25: Chat with Mike Turner - How he got into wine, all his wine antics and a breakdown of Sustainable wines

42m42: What is Moscato d'asti, what do you pair with it and how is it made.

45m42: How do you make 'Pet Nat'

Mike's online wine shop is:

Welsh wine week is happening from July 27th to August 2nd. Go to to find out more.

The lovely Ancre Hill Estates website is

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