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This is the last episode of Season 2. Season 3 will start in September. I am finishing on a high with Fergus Elias, the head winemaker of Balfour winery – my winemaker! We just picked up a trophy for best red wine in the WineGB awards 2022 and so it seemed the ideal time to talk with Ferg about his winemaking skills. Now, this is an awesome episode if you are interested in the English wine industry. We discuss Pinot Noir and its future in England. Have you heard about Crouch Valley in England? My guess is in a few years, that is going to be labelled a Grand Cru site. We are talking about clones and root stocks, which is rather convenient seeing as the episode before was all on viticulture. And also we touch on how our business model works in Balfour, now working with the growers of England and how that is expanding. You’ll also learn about the acid levels, and PH in English wines and how this affects Malolactic fermentation.

If you want to skip ahead:

2.28: Chat with Fergus

3.05: Fergus getting into wine, and how Balfour winery used to be

6.41: Working with Owen Elias, Dad of Ferg, and one of Englands wine making legends

9.21: What Ferg has learnt from Owen

10.07: What Owen has learnt from Ferg – discussing what ‘Malo’ is (malolactic fermentation) and how it is done in England and why

17.30: Discussing the innovative Winemakers Collection and THE AWARD WINNING GATEHOUSE PINOT NOIR 2020 £60

21.03: The clones used in The Gatehouse Pinot Noir and why choose specific clones

27.20: Discussing how different rootstocks can make a difference in English vines

31.10: Crouch Valley in Essex and our plantings

33.20: Working with growers in England and how to work the vineyards

35.37: Planting more Pinot Meunier and the incredible Red Miller Pinot Meunier 2018

40.34: Looking at the different soils: Clay, Chalk, Greensands

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