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This episode is Part 2 with Paul Kalemkiarian who is the owner of the original wine of the month club. We dive into the modern day history of drinking habits in the US and it’s reputation around the world. We look at how The 1976 Judgement of Paris put California on the map, and Paul goes into detail laying out the facts and the key players behind this tasting. We discuss the film Bottleshock which portrayed this important event (although not too factually!). We also talk about the Sideways Movie and how this changed peoples perception towards Merlot and Pinot Noir. If you are a movie buff, I’ve got quite a few facts in there for you. And talking about facts we have a whole section dedicated to those wonderful things called Polyphenols. So if you want to learn about some new health studies and how red wine can do you wonders, listen on. There are also wine suggestions, and book suggestions throughout so this is a jam-packed episode to enjoy!

If you want to skip ahead:

1.55: The Story of The Judgment of Paris, and the people who set it up

9.49: The Sideways effect: Discussing the movie and the change in sales for Merlot and Pinot Noir.

13.22: Fascination with Pinot Noir

16.42: Affordable Pinot Noir’s

20:42: Looking at The French Paradox and Morley Safer’s Mediterannean lifestyle book, and how this changed sales with red wines in the US

22.33: Cabernet Sauvignon and the cost of land in California. Where are the best values?

25.50: Discussing red wine and the part it plays in health. Which are the red wines with the most polyphenols?

29.48: Health facts based on the consumption of red wine in moderation

38.09: The Somm Movie

40.27: The Sour Grapes Documentary

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