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This episode is Part 1 with Paul Kalemkiarian who is the owner of the original wine of the month club, based out of LA, California. During his 32 years in the trade he has tasted up of 100,000 bottles and learned many things along the way. In this episode he is talking about many of the changes of the years in the US. How retailers used to work AND the shockingly cheap prices of some of the best wines back then. Because his monthly offerings are always great value and interesting grape varieties, we are talking about some interesting grapes and regions: Canary islands, Armenia, Greece etc… So enjoy this episode where two people who just love talking about wine go all over the place, so there should be something for everyone in this episode.

If you want to skip ahead:

2.10: Chat with Paul

2.44: The story of how the original wine club of the month started

9.30: Talking about Listan Negro from the Canary Islands

11.54: Talking about Armenia wines        

17.42: What grapes and wines are popular and hitting the US shores right now

19.06: Talking about Greek wines

20.24: Talking about the bad (and the good) celebrity wines

24.58: Tips to narrow down your selection in a supermarket

34.23: Thoughts on pairing wines with food

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