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Today I am looking at the wines from some of the most extreme vineyards in the world. I am starting off with the most dangerous and will be covering the highest vineyards, the most northern and southern, the steepest, the smallest, and the oldest vines. I will let you know if these vineyards are making wines that are commercially available, and their prices. Plus we will look at the following grapes in more detail: Torrontes, Riesling, Chasselas, and Petite Arvine. I also squeeze in a little about the lesser-known region of Valais, and why an old vine can produce better fruit. Enjoy!

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0.54: The most dangerous vineyard in the world: Domaine de Bargylus

6.19 Tasting Domaine de Bargylus Blanc 2015 £31.10 Hedonism

8.42: The highest vineyard in the world

12.31: The most northern commercial vineyard in the world

17.23: The most southern commercial vineyard in the world

18.38: The steepest vineyard in the world

21.11: The smallest vineyard in the world

22.24: The Valais region in Switzerland 

25.12: The oldest vine in the world

26.20: the oldest Shiraz vines in the world

28.08: What are old vines and why do they produce better fruit

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